A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

Yeah… I’m pretty sure a lot of people on twitter were kinda hurt to find out that this was an April Fools joke, but I had a LOT of fun making it.

The idea came up a month before April fools day, and we were quick to execute on it.

A lot of inspiration came from much older JRPGs and Japanese game covers (which I collect). I got to spend time coming up with a narrative for the overarching theme.

Choosing the characters for this was tricky, mostly because there were so many potential routes, as well as choosing which “classes” or archetypes certain characters would fall under.

Also, I don’t really know a lot of Japanese, but I have team members that know some, so that helped with some of the translations I needed to do!

 Jerry who is also a big fan of these types of games was a big help, and contributed towards redesigning the Breeze cast to fit their tropes! Here’s each character with their in-game bio’s!

Meet Burīzu:   A young warrior that is a was refugee from another land! He’s picked up odd jobs to get by, but one day, he was convinced (or tricked) into going after a bounty that ultimately begun his journey! 

Meet Tenpā:   

A living legend of a craftsman and blacksmith with a variable attitude, Tenpā retires in a small town, taking trips to small villages to repair items and arm the local villagers. He begins to travel with the party after learning who is responsible for local conflict 

Meet Hyumu:   

A practitioner of the “Mist-ic” Arts, he’s the troublemaker of his temple. Sent on a pilgrimage to learn how to embrace his more “spiritual side”, he aids the group in both kicking things and tending to party’s wounds. 

Meet Doroppu:   

A student of a famous marksman, an incident leads to them getting separated, with him also being inflicted with amnesia. He retained his shooting ability, leading him to pick up hunting jobs, and winning local contests for money. He joined the group out of boredom

Meet Camo:   

A brute with a taste for the finer things, he uses his suave demeanor (and fists) to get what he wants. He’s usually tailed by some of his underlings, such as the lumbering Lanky Goons. He’s quick to knock people out, be careful! 

Oh yeah, Float the Fairy too…

Also, I was blessed to receive this fan art from Kéké!

Lastly, the limited edition Breeze Pre-Order bonus!

One nice thing from all this is that I got to test out a new tool (or rather, one I decided to start using) called Milanote! It really helped with organizing ideas and sharing them!

Anyway, that was fun! I’ve also finished up the last bit of Kickstarter rewards (among the pandemic and all) so I can breathe again!

Back to regular development!