A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

A Storm in Canine Form!

Become a force of nature in a stylish, combo-fueled 2D action-adventure!

Jump, brawl, and command the powers of weather as Breeze, a scrappy and courageous corgi swept away from his regular life to fight pollution in a fantastic world in the clouds where animal forces control the weather.

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We turned Weather into animals that have jobs. Learn more about them!

A Hip, Smooth and Nostalgic Soundtrack in the Making​

Enjoy a wide range of genres in this carefully crafted soundtrack, full of Jazz, New Jack, Swing, Samba and more! Sounds so classic, I bet your parents think they know these songs (they don’t)

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