A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

An Adventure in the Clouds

A 2D Action/Adventure Game in Development featuring a corgi named Breeze who gets swept away from his home and into the weather world of Tropolis!

Become friends with weather phenomena and gain Weather Powers along the way!

Enjoy Characters, Backgrounds, Animations, and Effects, hand-drawn to deliver a rich cartoony effect with a lot of character.

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We turned Weather into animals that have jobs. Learn more about them!

A Hip, Smooth and Nostalgic Soundtrack in the Making​

Enjoy a wide range of genres in this carefully crafted soundtrack, full of Jazz, New Jack, Swing, Samba and more! Sounds so classic, I bet your parents think they know these songs (they don’t)