A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Character Reveal: “Bomb Boy”

 So for the raccoon fans out there…

Meet “Bomb Boy” the Raggoon, the nickname for one of the Particulate pollutants and a pretty common baddie!

This may come as a surprise, but Bomb Boy specializes in bombs, packed with an explosive force of different gasses. 

“Bomb Boy” was designed by Komoroshi!

Above is an animation by Piti,  broken down into a few phases to show the process. Piti starts off usually by offering some ideas for attacks based on a provided character description, then after some are chosen, we move on to roughing out the animation. 

Once we have a good feel of the overall direction,  additional details and frames are added until it’s to a point where it can be tested in the engine.