A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Meet Cori!

Say hey to Cori! 

An… interesting wanderer known to get distracted easily, and tends to show up in places unexpectedly. He’s also fond of toys and knickknacks, especially if they spin. 

He runs into Breeze rather early in his adventure, and assists the lost pup with… (well, actually nothing), right before leaving him with the Climate Committee and promptly departing… strange fellow.

 What’s his role? …I’m not even sure he knows. 

Cori was designed by Clipey! His conceptualization was rather quick. Such a good boy. Haps scores Cori a 14/10! (I didn’t actually ask, I’m just assuming)

Cute guest piece by Kahmurry, and this post’s cover art was done by T.J! 

Say bye to Cori before he wanders off again ~