A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

Whoa, it sure is getting cold around here!

If their names didn’t give it away already, they represent “frost” and “snow” respectively! 

Frost the wolf is the supervisor of the Frost domain, while Snow the arctic fox aides as a manager.

Frost was one of the earliest characters designed for the game (years back), and was designed by Weremagnus!

Frost is big and powerful, but can also be gentle and meticulous. He’s really good at keeping people motivated with his overtly positive and cheery personality, but at times, it can get overbearing. Overall, he’s like a cool older brother (those exist btw).

(Snow was designed by Keysa Moguri)

Snow, while is small and not as strong, is sweet and responsible, and highly regarded by the workers in the Frost domain. She’s often Frost’s voice of reason and the more cautious of the two. She’s also quite clever.

Frost and Snow have a sibling dynamic, though it’s not always clear which one is supposed to be the “older one”

In battle, Frost is able to launch heavy ice-based attacks, utilize ice skates to increase his speed, and encase ice on himself to increase his attack power.

Snow, on the other hand, is more agile and creative, utilizing snow and employing ninja-like attacks and tricks, since she lacks attack power.

As far as hobbies for the two, they are both fairly fond of keeping maintaining fitness (skating, dancing, lifting, etc), and ice sculpting. Frost in particular also likes crafting things for a certain someone…

(Post Cover Art by trisketched