A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

So, it’s been a productive couple of weeks! I got some rather disappointing news that might affect my productivity for a while but gonna keep truckin’ along as much as I can. Anyway, here’s the current changelog since the last dev update!

I also wanted to start doing some videos as I think that they might cut down on the amount of writing/explaining and might be a little more engaging. I already wrote up a large changelog below, so I’ll be adding it too, as I didn’t want to add all this content to the video (so lazy, I know).

Anyway, here’s a pretty lengthy Changelog:

  •  Updated Unity and Project to a newer version 
  • Platform dropping now requires holding down then pressing jump. This will reduce mistakes when performing directional attacks.  
  • HP Properly updates now. It will take into account the player’s health.
  • GameOver works now. It will respawn the character to the last checkpoint.
  • Character can respawn at his starting position or at a checkpoint depending on if they’ve entered a checkpoint.
  • Checkpoint system now works. These are triggers that when entered by the player, will inform the relevant system.
  • Refactored every single script to match a naming convention that makes it easier to know that is doing what
  • Fixed some issues with the dialogue system
  • Created a new Actor Editor
  • Created a new Scene Builder that also makes it easier to create objects
  • Music looping now takes into account the currently playing song
  • Hurt/Hitstun works properly now
  • Much more optimized Statemachine system that’s also much easier to add new states too.
  • Refactored the animation state machines and have them sharing a common base state machine. This makes it easier to setup animations when new characters are created
  • Updated RoomManager to evaluate events when moving into new rooms and doing things such as loading and executing cutscenes right when you walk in
  • Attacks can now spawn/shoot projectiles
  • UI now includes new animation events thanks to DoTween
  • File/Asset Clean up. Got rid of a lot of unneeded place holders and scripts written for testing purposes.
  • Player can now be spawned using a spawner and no longer has to be placed in a scene manually.
  • Updated framedata to store more information such as independent vibration and camera shake variables
  • Added Scene Fade in/Out effect. This will play automatically when entering a scene.
  • Projectiles will now emit particles when they hit stuff.
  • Added “Pressed Start” to the main menu.
  • Added a Scene and Game reset button (R&T)
  • Message Box UI will now wait until the message box is fully rendered before drawing text.
  • Breeze retains his health between scenes
  • Cutscenes no longer automatically pause player’s physics.
  • Created Scriptable Data for Music. This will store the Song’s name, Loop Point, and potentially some other information.

And for some other misc stuff:

  • Revealed like, 3 characters in one weekend (Hume, Float, and Peb).
  • Developed Updated Height Chart for the Current cast (this was a lot of work)
  • Developed Model Sheets for the sprites of the Demo characters
  • Started Development on Pathfinding/Navigation system for AI.
  • Selected an Enamel Pin vendor and submitted an Order, then received it the day I wrote up this post!