A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has this game been in Development?

A: Originally this game started off as a 3D platformer around Late 2011. Early 2014, I decided to turn it into a 2D game, with development starting again mid 2015.

Q: What are you using to build the game?

A: We’re using the Unity Game Engine, as well as tools such as Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Toon Boom, and Blender.

Q: What Platforms will the game be on?

A: We’re currently looking to release for PC and Mac. If the opportunity presents itself, we’ll look for other platforms aswell.

Q: When is the game going to be released?

A: We are currently working hard on it, and will announce this closer to the game’s completion.

Q: This game looks awesome! I want to help!

A: Positions are typically posted via the blog or twitter, but shoot us an email with your portfolio.

Q: Are you looking for musicians/composers/voice actors?

A: Positions are typically posted via the blog or twitter. We’re currently not looking to fill these positions at this time.