A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

Last week was a bit all over the place! (also, are these even “mini” anymore?)

Accomplishments this week:

We’ve finally picked a Vis Dev! There was a lot of talented applicants, and we took a great deal of time going through each portfolio (a few in which we might be interested in pulling in for some other positions in the future! ? )

Cindy Zhi will be joining us! Cindy, along with the rest of the background artists on board, will be developing the visual aspects of the world of Tropolis!

Here are some thumbnails and a concept piece that Cindy did as a test!

Development Updates

From a coding standpoint, I did some work focused on handling certain collisions, triggers and programmed drop through platforms. I’ve implemented this before, but it was rather sloppy.

I figured that implementing the platforms would be pretty straight forward this time due the huge refactor from a while back, though, there were considerations that had to be made:

  • Making sure characters attach to them (especially if they move)
  • Setting up platforms that are “One Way”, meaning you can enter them through one direction (from the bottom specifically)
  • Adding in the capability to move/animate platforms
  • Handling how the player/characters can drop through the platform. This involves making said character “ignore” physics with the platform.

Next, I worked on setting up the default button mappings for Xbox One/360 and PS4 controllers. The controls may change, but that can be modified pretty quickly (Thanks to Rewired). I was doing some work towards making a button remapper that can be used to change controls in game, but I have decided to bench that work for now.

I also implemented a “Tweening” solution called “DOTween”. DOTween really helps with animating stuff like UI and even moving stuff like platforms.

Bug Fixes

There was a bug that’s existed ever since the last big refactor work, where attacks that are supposed move the character while attacking, wasn’t working. Ended up fixing that pretty quickly, since it turned out I somehow inverted an if-statement). 

There was also another bug where if a character is pushed off of something while in their idle state, they wouldn’t transition to falling. Squashed that bug as well.

Website Development

This is a bit of a tease! I’m working on the website’s new layout! It’s turning out a bit nicely!

I’m using Tumblr’s API to put the latest blog post, so you can view it from the main site as well! I’ve also added a bar with the cast’s icons, and if you click on them, it will take you to their reveal post, making it easier to learn (or remind yourself) of all the reviewed characters!

Another, tease: Working on some shirts!

Do you want one? TOO BAD (but seriously, I’m working on getting some samples back and figuring things out from there). 

Next Focus:

  • Continued work on a new testable build. We’re pretty close to our first Patreon exclusive demo. This one will focus mostly on movement/controls and getting feedback on some things here and there.
  • Continued work implementing some particle effects. We’ve got some additional ones done, just a matter of implementing them now!
  • I still need to add in a couple more character states that are needed (mostly transition states)
  • Continued work on UI design/planning. Notably, the health bar and some other in-game UI elements.
  • Looking for some enamel pin makers. I might have found one or two, but if anyone has some recommendations, feel free to share!