A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

So… an eventful couple of weeks ~

Typically, I tend to write notes about development progress every few days (to make writing these updates a bit easier), but I was kind of slacking this time around. Gonna try my best to recall things…

Recent Twitter Gifs

I’ve posted these on twitter last week, but, well, quality…
These animations were done by Piti Yindee!

Enamel Pins:

So, as you’ve probably seen everywhere by now, I received the first batch of enamel pins, and gave some away via twitter, as well to qualifying Patrons! 

Getting all the shipping stuff figured out has been some work (sorry for those affected by that!), but I’m getting a bit familiar with tackling that side of things!  

I’m looking to start selling some potentially once the next batch arrives (probably this week).

Development Progress:

I just wrapped up a lot of important things from a programming perspective and started developing tools to make it easier to make cutscenes, attack/frame data, dialogue, and other things that are bit trivial to configure.

Going to be looking at KaiClavier’s new Fleece tool this week! 


I’ve been using their SuperTextMesh tool for quite some time now, so looking forward to this new tool to help out with dialogue stuff! 

(I’ve got something in place already but would be nice to have something that improves the workflow of implementing game dialogue)

Patreon Update:

As you’ve probably seen, I’ve updated the Patreon some and simplified the tiers. I’ve also updated things so that Patrons in the $5 or more tiers will have access to certain builds now! I’m working out a better way to deliver these.

Also, we hit another goal! I might see about streaming soon! However…

Life Update:

So, this is going to affect my productivity for a bit: Was recently informed that my landlord intends to sell the place I’ve been living in, so I’ll need to move out before the end of June (RIP birthday week). 

Quite unexpected and has put me in a somewhat annoying/stressful situation, but alas, gotta deal with it…

I’ll be spending the next few weeks hunting for a place, packing, and making sure I’m ready to deal with the actual move. I’ve already packed up most of my office 😛

Anyway, matching my mood, here’s Camo (Drawn by BobbyLontra)