A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

Hey everyone! Hectic month, but plenty of progress. Seeing how I have a 3 day weekend, I figured I’d get another post out of the way!

This month, we’ve been focusing on quite a few things. 

Background Development

In the last devlog, I included a mock-up of the sprites against a background. Well, I have a couple more backgrounds to demo from Cindy!

More Character Sprite and Animation Workflow adjustments

We’ve continued to work on adjusting several more characters to fit the newer “SD” direction, and have actually begun some animation work to test them out!

You might have seen an animation of Sodo I posted on Twitter, but if not, check these out:

Look at him go! We’ve still been using most of the previous pipeline’s steps when making this animation

We decide on a pose that we like, and then move on to roughing it out…

I think Piti got a bit excited, so here’s a “60 fps” version XD

We’ve also worked on some poses for his jump and fall poses. Since we’re still early in the production pipeline, we can hold off on fully animating them for now:

Anyway, we’ve also been working on adjusting Breeze’s model and animations as well, considering he’s likely to end up with the most animations in the game.

I’ve simplified his design for sprite form to match a rough Piti did a while ago:

There will probably be some tweaks done over time, but this is enough to work off of for drafting out his modified animations.

Up above, we also have an updated rough run cycle to match the new sprite.

One noticeable difference is that many of the sprites will be in a 3/4 view, to give them a little more depth and to not look as flat as before when not moving.


Since most of the physics have been implemented now, I’ve been able to focus on creating different rooms to test and verify certain situations (i.e, how will the player act on slopes, what do different movement speeds feel like, can I drop through platforms, etc.) 

It’s nice to have these type of rooms to essentially play test in. Sometimes I kinda wish I could play test on the go (like when away from my desk or when I don’t have my laptop ((which ironically just recently came back from repair)), but then i thought: “I have an iPad, I wonder if I could get it to run on it?”)

So I did:

Surprisingly, it managed to get a controller to work (Only the specific 8BitDo controller in the photo, as well as the PS4 controller via a USB converter… oh, and  the iPad keyboard, which won’t take multiple buttons at the same time),

The build runs perfectly. Took some time to get it to build (and had to learn how XCode works again, but alas, I have a testable build on the go). 

Don’t take this as official iOS support though XD.

In any case, Patreon backers, I’ll be preparing a new build soon for Windows! I wanted to get it out today, but there’s still some things I want to prepare first.

Next Enamel Pins!

If you haven’t seen them already on twitter, I’ve got new pin designs!

I’m going to be looking at launching a Kickstarter for these exclusively soon! I’m planning some other neat items as well, but I’ll formally announce all that once it’s prepared. I’ll also provide an opportunity to get Breeze pins as well.