A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

Another Devlog already! 

I had a pretty productive weekend, and wanted to give you all an idea of the amount of work that I can pull off when I forfeit social activity and other human things from time to time 😉

I haven’t done a game jam in a while, and also had a lot of things “Breeze code” related that I wanted to get out the way, so I set a timer for 48 hours and got busy ~

I’ll probably not be programming too much this week, and instead will be putting on my animator hat.

(Please keep in mind, images/sprites/animations shown are heavily in progress)

New Features 

  • Special Attacks can activate Screen Effects now (changing color of screen, dimming it, shaking it, etc)
  • Added a Clash (Parrying) state. Attacks with the same “priority” will cancel each other out if they connect
  • Game now shows the game over text when you like, die
  • Created a manager that handles creating effects like particles and positioning them
  • Will expand on this later to make it easily configurable
  • Implemented new feature to show a blue dimming Screen Effect when switching into a other Weather Forms* (more to come on that in a later post…)
  • Added Feature to prevent the same attack from landing multiple times
  • Added Slowmo feature because video games
  • Update to Sodo behavior tree: Added case for Parries


  • Created a “Dummy” Behavior Machine that I can just beat up
  • Created a “Dummy” Sodo that I can just beat up
  • Since y’all love Sodo so much, I decided to use him as a punching bag
  • Special attacks can have their own particle effects
  • Fancy effect that plays on the character actor before the attack starts
  • Programmed the Dpad to toggle between Form move sets
  • Spawned Sounds effects are added to the correct Audio Mixer now
  • Added additional controller Inputs for Breeze’s features (no more switching back and forth to the keyboard during testing)
  • VibrateController() function renamed (it had a stupid name before…)
  • Added waits to Sodo’s behavior tree because he’s crazy and attacks relentlessly right now
  • Added Sodo hit sprite!
  • Update to display current Weather Form in HUD
  • Moved Screenshake logic into a new ScreenEffectsManager


  • Bug fixed where Breeze couldn’t attack immediately after jumping 
  • Fixed issues with Actor’s Recovery State not using the correct duration variable
  • Fixed issue where disabled loopable audio sources would attempt to play
  • Fixed bug where battle UI shaking doesn’t rest/reset correctly
  • Fixed Slamming Physics so that heavy attacks will make character actor bounce off of stuff