A Stormy Nights Game

Your neighborhood pet corgi ends up in the clouds and gains weather powers.
Now he’s ready to defeat pollution and save the world.

Meet Lanky!

Meet Lanky Goon!  

A Raggoon born from plastic and rubber pollution! 

Elastic, annoyingly durable, and a bit difficult to get rid of! 

Lanky is one of several Raggoons, representing one of many sources of particle matter, similar to Bomb Boy and Shorty! 

Meet Flood!

“You all ready for another reveal? Well, about time they brought me up!”

Meet Flood! Storm Supervisor of Floods.

The Rough and Tough (wannabe) small fry, he’s over-eager for a chance to flood something. Flood used to be Rain’s assistant, until they fell out one day, resulting in Flood moving into the Storm division. 

(Designed by me and drawn a lot better by Clipey ~)

Flood’s ingenuity rivals Rain’s, and like Rain, he’s a bit uncanny and all over the place. He’s also very immature. When he’s not complaining and being a “try-hard”, Flood likes to tinker, experiment with flooding technology and eating off of people’s plates. 

Like many other precipitation characters, Flood’s abilities allow him to shoot a lot of water with water guns, as well as using objects (such as an umbrella) to sharpen the focus of his shots and to provide himself cover if needed.

His shooting rivals Drop, who meet up every so often for some target practice. He’s such a sore loser though; don’t let him cry or he might accidentally flood the room!

Meet Cirri!

“Are you… Cirri-ous?”

Hey Cirri? What’s wrong, caught you at a bad time?

Anyway, Cirri’s one of the “coolest” cloud bears around. Just don’t leave snacks around him, he can’t help sampling them. Also, don’t touch the ponytail.

Character design by KeysaTrii, and the top illustration is by Deadbear

Check out some earlier concepts of him below!

Anywho, we’ve been working on some other areas of development in the game this month (some spoilery, so hard to show off), and we’ve also been running our merch Kickstarter for those who didn’t know! 

We’ve even recently revised a pin design for another fellow cloud bear, Pile!

If you haven’t seen the other merch yet, we’re still running it for about 10 more days!


Meet Rain and Dew!

Say Howdy to Rain! He’s the representative and supervisor of rain precipitation.

Rain was originally designed by Weremagnus many years back, with some additional elements added by me andClipey!

Known to be a “brilliant” frog, he’s also seen as being eccentric, impatient and sometimes, anxious. He often overworks himself and will then go on “adventures” alone. He also carries a “Western” movie personality.  

Rain is independent, not wanting a lot of help, but will cooperate in a group if needed. Drop really looks up to him (for some obvious reasons), and many others acknowledge his strong work ethic. 

In addition to performing various chemistry projects, it’s an avid DIY guy, and often collaborates with Pile and others!  

However, he REALLY doesn’t get along with Frost at all. I wonder why?

Meet Dew

Next is Dew, Rain’s assistant! A one-of-a-kind Quoll, she’s fairly younger than Rain but seems to be on par when it comes to wisdom and maturity (she might actually be the more mature one). 

Dew was designed by KeysaTrii!

She’s sharp at pointing out personality traits/flaws and is also good at mediating (resulting in her she has a lot of clients). At times she can get rowdy but is able to quickly check herself if she gets too out of hand. Wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite!

Her headstrong but caring personality contests with Rain’s, so they may often quarrel when they have conflicting ideas; they still somehow manage to work together pretty well despite this.

Many people jokingly consider them work spouses! Some even argue that Dew is pretty much as responsible for their domain as Rain is!

Cover art for the reveal was done by Gamubear!

Meet Strati and Nimbo!

Strati and Nimbo

More Cloudy bears? 

I would think Nimbo would be the nervous one, but her big brother Strati seems to only look tough ~

Character designs by KeysaTrii, and the top illustration is by Deadbear

Here are additional concepts of Nimbo by KeysaTrii as well!

Meet Cori!

Say hey to Cori! 


Meet Alto and Cumuli!

Who are these cloudy bears? Guess we’ll find out in the future ~


Meet Coal!

Pile’s short and rowdy assistant! 

Coal has taken much of the “Manager” burden away from Pile, and ensures clouds are built and developed to Pile’s spec. He manually checks cloud structures for stability, growth, CCNs (cloud condensation nuclei) and water vapor in the air, etc.

(Character Design by @eclipticafusion!)


Meet Hume!

“G’day! …Did I get up too early again?”

(Model Sheet by Piti)

Hume is in the Climate Committee’s representative for Humidity. Hume is keen on maintaining good fitness habits, and he’s also a bit of a subtle jokester, often being the source of Temper’s more mild headaches.


Meet Float!

“ugh…… give me like… 5 more minutes ‘k?”

Float is the direct assistant to “The King”, he’s a small field mouse, but knowledgeable of Tropolis’ operations. He kind helps keep things… afloat.

 (Designs by keysatrii