Mini Devlog – #4

Hey all! Here’s a rundown of things tackled last week: I’ve begun to notice that code compile time has slowly been crawling up, to the point where it could take 20-25+ seconds for any code change to recompile.  While this might not seem like the worst thing ever, it becomes bothersome any time I need […]

Mini Devlog – #2

Hey everyone! Not a huge update today, but there was something in particular that was developed that I think will help out a lot on the audio side of things. Reading Audio Files Externally So in the previous workflow, any time one of our sounds guys created new sounds, I would have to import them […]

Mini Devlog – #3

Another Devlog already!  I had a pretty productive weekend, and wanted to give you all an idea of the amount of work that I can pull off when I forfeit social activity and other human things from time to time 😉 I haven’t done a game jam in a while, and also had a lot […]