A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Character Reveals: Rain and Dew

Say Howdy to Rain! He’s the representative and supervisor of rain precipitation.

Rain was originally designed by Weremagnus many years back, with some additional elements added by me andClipey!

Known to be a “brilliant” frog, he’s also seen as being eccentric, impatient and sometimes, anxious. He often overworks himself and will then go on “adventures” alone. He also carries a “Western” movie personality.  

Rain is independent, not wanting a lot of help, but will cooperate in a group if needed. Drop really looks up to him (for some obvious reasons), and many others acknowledge his strong work ethic. 

In addition to performing various chemistry projects, it’s an avid DYI guy, and often collaborates with Pile and others!  

However, he REALLY doesn’t get along with Frost at all. I wonder why?

Meet Dew

Next is Dew, Rain’s assistant! A one-of-a-kind Quoll, she’s fairly younger than Rain but seems to be on par when it comes to wisdom and maturity (she might actually be the more mature one). 

Dew was designed by KeysaTrii!

She’s sharp at pointing out personality traits/flaws and is also good at mediating (resulting in her she has a lot of clients). At times she can get rowdy but is able to quickly check herself if she gets too out of hand. Wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite!

Her headstrong but caring personality contests with Rain’s, so they may often quarrel when they have conflicting ideas; they still somehow manage to work together pretty well despite this.

Many people jokingly consider them work spouses! Some even argue that Dew is pretty much as responsible for their domain as Rain is!

Cover art for the reveal was done by Gamubear!

Meet Strati and Nimbo

More Cloudy bears? 

I would think Nimbo would be the nervous one, but her big brother Strati seems to only look tough ~

Character designs by KeysaTrii, and the top illustration is by Deadbear

Here are additional concepts of Nimbo by KeysaTrii as well!

Mini Devlog – #15

Hey everyone! Hectic month, but plenty of progress. Seeing how I have a 3 day weekend, I figured I’d get another post out of the way!

This month, we’ve been focusing on quite a few things. 

Background Development

In the last devlog, I included a mock-up of the sprites against a background. Well, I have a couple more backgrounds to demo from Cindy!


Breeze Cast Cheat Sheet


Character Reveal: Cori

Say hey to Cori! 


Dev Log #3

Alrighty (I’ve been abusing Mini dev logs for a while so… time for another journal!) 

So this post was a little delayed. Discordians know already, but my laptop decided that it hates me and the GPU died, so I had to send it out for repair. 

Meanwhile, I kinda messed up my Windows partition on my desktop after removing one of the drives to use for backing files up. Managed to fix that issue, but lost a couple of days of dev time 😛

ANYWAY! Some things did get done! Some of it harder to show (and some things I’m not wanting to show off just yet)


Mini Devlog – #14

Ok…. so implementing irregularly shaped health/stat bars is…. something…

Basically, this required some shader and texture magic to properly pull off.


Meet Alto and Cumuli!

Who are these cloudy bears? Guess we’ll find out in the future ~


Mini Devlog – #13

Hey everyone! It’s been a few (busy) weeks!

I’m finally getting settled in after a pretty sporadic period of moving and adjusting to the new place! A lot of unpacking, back and forth trips, tackling the backyard, non-working AC for a couple of weeks (Texas summer, ugh), and also work woes! Pretty tiring overall!

Not a ton of progress on Breeze the last couple weeks cause of it, but I’m eager to get back into the more groove! (Also, my birthday was a few days ago, level up!)

Anyway, Piti Yindee managed to get some run cycles animated for Drop and Temper:


Mini Devlog – #12

Hey! Just a quick heads-up for those that didn’t already see on Discord:

I’m in the process of moving, and will start moving things into my new place starting Monday! If you’re lucky, I might be able to sneak in a little post at the end of next week.  It’s basically in the same city, so nothing too crazy!

I did manage to sneak in a little dev this week. I fully integrated Kai’s Fleece Dialogue tool that I mentioned in the last dev post! I did some slight mods to it to update the UI, but other than that, I’m now getting rid of a lot of junk I was using before!