A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Meet Nono!

Meet Nono! The coyote with a sweet tooth (and maybe a thirst to quench). 

Nono is the representative for Nitrogen Dioxide in the Criterion Crew. Nono is a weird and quirky coyote with scrambled morals and processes. 


Animation Process: Breeze

Animation Process: Breeze

In this update, I’m going to show off some rough animations in progress for the game’s protagonist, Breeze.

Piti Yindee, well known for their comic, ‘Wuffle’, is the one in charge of Breeze’s animation, and has been instrumental in creating some pretty solid keyframes and roughs animations on the project thus far!


Easton & Weston’s Theme

Easton and Weston Theme

Theme for Easton and Weston, the rowdy and turbulent managers of the Wind Domain.

(Cover art by Lineshark