A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Some Pile Development

So, Pile’s not one to care much about how he dresses, but that hasn’t stopped us from giving him something adequate enough to wear to work.

We decided to go for something that demonstrates his tendency of wearing things that aren’t exactly his size, and wearing accessories that might not serve a practical purpose and could be hazardous in a working environment.

In short, he just likes things that are comfy and easy to… pick up off the floor and put on.

Haps worked on this concept as one of his first assignments! Piti also worked on a draft of his sprite, and Clipey did the concepts on the top of this post

Breeze and Diana

So, you’ve seen Breeze, but you probably want to know a little more about him?

Let me tell you a little about his background:

(Illustration by EiffelArt)

Breeze was adopted by a firefighter and given to his daughter, Diana, a very intelligent, overly ambitious, and somewhat socially awkward pre-teen.

Diana is homeschooled, and despite being in many activities such dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and various volunteer programs, she doesn’t have a lot of friends, as many of the kids her age are intimidated by (or jealous of) her ability.

(Illustration and Design by Kiana Mai)

After being given Breeze, Diana slowly discovers that Breeze wasn’t like average dogs, as he near-effortlessly mimics many of the things she’s good at, as well as learning other human-like abilities and traits.

(Illustration by Piti Yindee)

After discovering this, Diana made it her mission to teach Breeze more and more mundane, everyday tasks, followed by also introducing him to a lot of things she enjoys, such as cartoons and action films. 

One of Diana’s dreams is becoming a “superhero”, or anything that’ll allow her to “save the day”. This is adopted by Breeze as well, who gradually mirrors her ambition and habits.

Breeze continues to learn things effortlessly while enjoying being praised by Diana and discovering the world around him.

Meet Drop!

Guess who’s droppin’ on by? Well… Drop

(Art by aebreedraws)

Meet Drop! You might have seen him around. Drop is the Climate Committee’s representative for Precipitation. 

(He also wants you to know that he’s a platypus)

(Drop was designed by keysa-does-art!)


Meet Easton and Weston!

Meet Easton and Weston, the rowdy managers of the Wind Domain. 

Easton is known to come off as brash and sometimes cold. Very headstrong and rowdy, and pushes hard to get things done.

Weston is known to have a more warm-hearted personality.  He’s known for his philosophical quotes, and curious nature. 


Meet Camo!

Camo, one of the earliest bosses you’ll face in the game, is a giant opossum that represents Carbon Monoxide! He, like many other characters in the game, show just how small Breeze is!

Camo is a member of the Criterion, a crew of pollutants ravaging the sky world. 

(Designs by Eclipticafusion aka Clipey)


Meet Windy!

Say hello to Windy! Known as the “Big Lady” by her subordinates (mostly Easton and Weston), Madame Windy is the Supervisor of the Wind Domain

(Illustration by Machinedoggerism)


Meet Pile!

So not all bosses are created equal. While there are stern and organized bosses like Windy, there’s also… not as assertive bosses like Pile, the Supervisor of the Cloud Domain.

Pile is a very “friendly” boss. He doesn’t like to micromanage, doesn’t like to do a lot of paperwork, and isn’t as fond of conflict. By consequence, he’s given a lot of his workers the autonomy (or rather, they took it) to make decisions for themselves for their day to day tasks. 

(Designs by Eclipticafusion aka Clipey!)


Meet Sodo!

“Yo… I’m Sodo…”

Sodo is a pretty chill hyena, and one of the more laid-back members of the Criterion Crew.  He prefers to get his work done without having to deal with all of the stressful stuff that can come from being in a team. He represents the pollutant, Sulfur Dioxide.

Sodo reluctantly follows directions, briefly questioning things to himself before shrugging it off and committing to the work. When details are missing or lack clarity, he’ll do things his way.


Windy City Theme


‘Windy City” by Alan Gee!

This is the theme song for the Wind Domain, one of several areas in the game.

The wonderful cover art was created done by Lineshark!

Here’s some concept art done by @toqareign and @sasskatrina

And here’s a pretty cool animated concept by @xibxib

Meet Bomb Boy!

 So for the raccoon fans out there…

Meet “Bomb Boy” the Raggoon, the nickname for one of the Particulate pollutants and a pretty common baddie!