A game in development about
beating up Pollution and fixing the Weather

Character Reveal: T.O

The cool cat that’s high tech…

T.O is a panther and member of the Criterion Crew, representing the pollutant Ground Level Ozone (Also known as Tropospheric Ozone).  

(T.O was designed by @eclipticafusion! )


Mini Devlog – #2

Hey everyone!

Not a huge update today, but there was something in particular that was developed that I think will help out a lot on the audio side of things.

Reading Audio Files Externally

So in the previous workflow, any time one of our sounds guys created new sounds, I would have to import them into Unity, rename, and reassign them to the right objects/code for them to play correctly. I would then need to build a new executable or record gameplay for others to see sounds in action. Having to do this constantly to check/test different iterations/versions can get a bit time-consuming…

We’ve recently implemented a way to allow for reading external sounds files, which allows for swapping out sounds by placing them into a directory where the game build is located, and then giving them the correct name (i.e jump.ogg, attack1.ogg, etc)

This will allow the audio team to test out their sounds and edits much more quickly and independently if needed.

For devs out there using Unity, we managed to do this using WWW and StreamingAssets!


Character Reveal: Temper

Temper is a stout hedgehog with a rather variable personality. He’s the Climate Committee’s representative for Temperature.

One would think he’s angry all of the time; his mood is actually influenced by the amount of energy he has stored up.


Mini Devlog – #3

Another Devlog already! 

I had a pretty productive weekend, and wanted to give you all an idea of the amount of work that I can pull off when I forfeit social activity and other human things from time to time 😉

I haven’t done a game jam in a while, and also had a lot of things “Breeze code” related that I wanted to get out the way, so I set a timer for 48 hours and got busy ~

I’ll probably not be programming too much this week, and instead will be putting on my animator hat.

(Please keep in mind, images/sprites/animations shown are heavily in progress)


Mini Devlog – #1

Hey there folks!

I’ve decided to (try) and commit to a mini devlog habit, where I discuss some of the behind the scenes work to show some of our progress from time-to-time.

So for this week, we have around 5 major accomplishments:


Drop Animation Test

Here’s an animation that came out of a practice session with Clip Studio Paint. Had a lot of fun doing this one and always wanted to try drawing effects! 

I originally started off with this quick rough draft:

… and then started roughing out a more “complete” version:

I’m going to practice drawing more effects (cause they’re kinda fun), and maybe post a few as I wrap them up.

Some Pile Development

So, Pile’s not one to care much about how he dresses, but that hasn’t stopped us from giving him something adequate enough to wear to work.

We decided to go for something that demonstrates his tendency of wearing things that aren’t exactly his size, and wearing accessories that might not serve a practical purpose and could be hazardous in a working environment.

In short, he just likes things that are comfy and easy to… pick up off the floor and put on.

Haps worked on this concept as one of his first assignments! Piti also worked on a draft of his sprite, and Clipey did the concepts on the top of this post

Breeze and Diana

So, you’ve seen Breeze, but you probably want to know a little more about him?

Let me tell you a little about his background:

(Illustration by EiffelArt)

Breeze was adopted by a firefighter and given to his daughter, Diana, a very intelligent, overly ambitious, and somewhat socially awkward pre-teen.

Diana is homeschooled, and despite being in many activities such dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and various volunteer programs, she doesn’t have a lot of friends, as many of the kids her age are intimidated by (or jealous of) her ability.

(Illustration and Design by Kiana Mai)

After being given Breeze, Diana slowly discovers that Breeze wasn’t like average dogs, as he near-effortlessly mimics many of the things she’s good at, as well as learning other human-like abilities and traits.

(Illustration by Piti Yindee)

After discovering this, Diana made it her mission to teach Breeze more and more mundane, everyday tasks, followed by also introducing him to a lot of things she enjoys, such as cartoons and action films. 

One of Diana’s dreams is becoming a “superhero”, or anything that’ll allow her to “save the day”. This is adopted by Breeze as well, who gradually mirrors her ambition and habits.

Breeze continues to learn things effortlessly while enjoying being praised by Diana and discovering the world around him.

Character Reveal: Drop

Guess who’s droppin’ on by? Well… Drop

(Art by aebreedraws)

Meet Drop! You might have seen him around. Drop is the Climate Committee’s representative for Precipitation. 

(He also wants you to know that he’s a platypus)

(Drop was designed by keysa-does-art!)


Character Reveal: Easton and Weston

Meet Easton and Weston, the rowdy managers of the Wind Domain. 

Easton is known to come off as brash and sometimes cold. Very headstrong and rowdy, and pushes hard to get things done.

Weston is known to have a more warm-hearted personality.  He’s known for his philosophical quotes, and curious nature.